Rob Sanderson

Rob Sanderson, one of the hardest working anchors of the Northwest Maritime Center, will be heading out on Velella Velella  in July for some continuing education’ on the open ocean. Here is how he describes his decision to embark on his dream:

“Last winter I was visiting my father and he brought out a shoebox from the closet full of “art projects” from my childhood that I didn’t remember doing and didn’t realize that he had kept.  It was after a fine dinner with some wine that I opened up that box and starting picking through the articles inside.  There were numerous painting and drawings of sailboats on the high seas with sea monsters and neon colors with rig designs that should never exist.  It was then that I realized my dream of sailing has been with me from before I could remember, and it was also then that I realized that I’ve got to follow through on that dream!  I’m at a point in my life where I feel like if I don’t take this leap now – I may never take it.  I want to become a better maritime educator and for me the only way that can happen is by getting out there and learning directly from the Sea.”

“This June will mark 7 years that I have worked for the Wooden Boat Foundation and Northwest Maritime Center.  Starting as the Head Adult Sailing Instructor hired by Robin Mills in 2004, then Wooden Boat Chandlery hired by Nancy Eiffert, then Programs Coordinator hired by Nick Reid in his car on a dark rainy night in the parking lot of the Cupola House.  This job has been my life for the last 7 years.  I can’t imagine being more invested in an organization than I am in this one.  I have been here through the leadership of Kaci, Aletia, Dave, Stan and now Jake; and have learned valuable skills from all of them.  It’s one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make but I have decided to ready my boat and head south this summer.  Having Jake onboard gives me enormous confidence that this organization will steady its sea legs and the horizon will be endless.  This organization will always be a part of me and I hope to return in the future with more experience as a sailor under my belt – to keep working with youth and to continue to help broaden their horizons.”

“I will be turning over my position at the end of June.  In the interim, Carolyn “Ace” Spragg will step into to manage programs through the Festival.  Ace is an incredible instructor and has taught with Hasse for various sailing seminars, was faculty at the Sea Symposium, worked as our Head Sailing Instructor last summer, and has lots of experience managing summer programs.  She is very excited for the opportunity to work with the NWMC/WBF through the summer and has a desire to be even more involved in the long run.  I feel really good about leaving programs in her hands this summer.  She knows our programs, our facility, our boats, our staff and many of our students.”

“I feel extremely fortunate to have built relationships with all of you through the last several years and appreciate all of the support you have provided me with.  It will mean so much to me this summer when I round Pt. Hudson and the Northwest Maritime Center, carrying with me all of the memories that this place has given me.  I will always remain a part of this place and what we’ve created here together and I look forward to seeing how I might be involved in the future.”

Rob has always been a joy to work with and we will all miss him. Have a wonderful adventure Rob!