In fact, in 2005 Port Angeles’ Dan Kaseler of Raptor/Gaastra/Vandal Sails made the world’s fastest sail as Finian Maynard on a windsurfer set the record of 48.7 knots using a sail Dan designed. In 2009, Dan won the Pacific Coast Championship in his Melges 24, and he’s currently developing his Raptor sails for one of the most interesting boats around, the foiling Moth. In February, his sails took 1, 2 & 3 at the U.S. Moth Nationals, but in the notably light wind at the Worlds in Dubai, they are having a tougher time.

You can learn more about Raptor Sails at Dan’s web site here. Lifted from his site, a terrific foiling Moth video shot by Jack Nelson.

Moth* from Jack Nelson on Vimeo.