Goals for the coming season

I bet there’s more than one boat that has a goal for the coming season of doing a better job handling their spinnaker. Here’s an interesting video of Philippe Kahn’s crew practicing jibes in a Mumm 30.  Lots of things to learn watching this clip.

2 comments to Goals for the coming season

  • JK

    So many interesting parts of that video but I love the way the bowman pushes the pole forward and then leans on the guy to help bring the pole back for the trimmer.

  • Lynn Watson

    I like it! Really smooth and quick. Looks like he trips the mast, then the guy, then makes the new guy and finally the mast again. One thing I wonder about — how does he grab the new guy so easily and reliably every time; it always seems to be flying two feet out of reach when I’m up there…